let it be (sbrink) wrote in secularhumanism,
let it be

problems in the workplace

I just moved to the Los Angeles area from Buffalo (New York). Back on the east coast, my lack of religious beliefs didn't seem to create any problems for me (most likely because it's not something people discuss as often there). Recently, a discussion at work came up about god and I was asked if I believed in god. I said "no" and explained that I am more partial to scientific theory. I didn't argue about religion nor did I say anyone was wrong, I just stated that I was an atheist. As a result, 2 of my co-workers won't speak to me and mentioned they're "done" with me due to my lack of religious belief. I work in an environment where there are several different types of religious beliefs and no one else has had this problem. Still, because I happen to be an atheist, people say things like "don't listen to her, she does't believe in god." How do I deal with this?
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