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from here I can touch the sun, yaaaii.

"RDF, more like Really Dumb Fools (Psalm 14:1)!!!1"

(Sure I'm a few months behind on checking this out, but--) Pretty interesting...

There's always a rather condescending air to Richard Dawkins' focus on America and implication that the rational British should save us from ourselves, but damned if it isn't true that the most economically and politically influential country in the world greatly needs someone to teach us about rationality. So he's set up a foundation based in both the US and UK to funnel money in a tax-efficient way from British contributors such as himself to America to do things here such as provide material to schools, fund scientific research into religious/superstitious behavior, and support general charities that don't involve church/missionary work. The articles on the website continue to assume the currently popular memetics-based explanation for religious behavior, unfortunately, but the research funding he talks about could hopefully clear some of that controversy up someday.
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